SATURDAY, Sept. 29

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Main Theater

SiouxLand Public Library

Meeting Room A

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9 to

9:45 am

After Custer: Loss & Transformation in Sioux Country (Paul Hedren)

East of the River: Poems Ancient & New (Frank Pommersheim)

Blackjacks & Blue Devils: Truth in a Pack of Lies (Jerry Wilson)

Sharing Dakota Life Through Fiction (Steve Riedel)

Finding the Gifts of a Mom: The Values That Guide Your Life Forever (Dee Dee Raap)

The Rez of the Story (Vince Two Eagles)

This London: Reading & Writing About a City That Changed the World (Patrick Hicks)

God’s Work: Reflections on Everyday Heroes (Abe Usera)

Farmscape: The Changing Rural Environment (Mary Swander)

Greet the Dawn: The Lakota Way (S.D. Nelson)

From Fact to Fiction: Writing Historical Fiction for Children (Lisa Rivero)

10 to 10:45 AM

You Go Girl!: Writing Strong Female Characters (Ellen Baker & Joshilyn Jackson)

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea (Morgan Callan Rogers)

Buffalo Inc.: American Indians & Economic Development (Sebastian Felix Braun)

Letters of Love: Sermons & Reflections (Sandy Jerstad)

Pipestone: My Life in An Indian Boarding School (Adam Fortunate Eagle)

Indian Blues: American Indians and the Politics of Music (John Troutman)

Infinite West: An Englishman’s Take on South Dakota (Fraser Harrison)

I Forgot That I Remembered: Exploring Life with Parkinson’s Disease (Kevin Boekhoff)

Selected Readings (Adrian C. Louis)

Rainforests & Mayan Ruins (Bruce Junek & Tass Thacker)

Writing Marathon (Dakota Writing Project Begins Here)

11 to 11:45 AM

Imaginary Logic
(Rodney Jones)

Will Kill for Fiction: Murder & Mystery 101 (Ann Charles & Meg Mims)

A Separate Country: The Colonial Relationship between the US and Sioux Indians (Elizabeth Cook-Lynn)

The Art of Writing As a Team (Aimee & David Thurlo)

Landscape As Character: The Pressure of Place (Josh Garrett-Davis & Ann Weisgarber)

Bamboo Rafting on the Li River: Writings on China (Hosted by Jan & David Allan Evans)

Here & There: Photographs of Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb (Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb)

Forts of Dakota Territory (Jeff Barnes)

Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Writing About New York City Music in the 1970s (Will Hermes)

Writing for Young Readers: Why Is It So Important to Us All? (Gary Schmidt)

The Boy on Mount Rushmore: Crafting the Story of an American Monument (Tina Nichols Coury)

12 to

12:45 pm

12 to 1:30 pm

American Girl Tea Party

(Lisa Yee)

Intuitive Writing: What Your Characters Can Teach You (Susan Power)

How Lucky You Can Be (Don Meyer)

The Lie That Tells A Truth: A Guide to Writing Fiction (John Dufresne)

12 to 1:30 pm

Selected Readings with Acclaimed Poet Sherwin Bitsui (Sponsored by the SD State Poetry Society)

The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie (Wendy McClure)

The Poisoner’s Handbook (Deborah Blum)

On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year (Lee Ann Roripaugh)

Reinventing Running: Reviving Ancient Secrets of the World’s Most Popular Sport (Chris McDougall)

Lakota Storytelling with the Berenstain Bears

The Mystery of the Pheasants (Mark Meierhenry & Dave Volk)

1 to

2 pm

Mass Book Signings

In the Holiday Inn Atrium

2 to

2:45 pm

The Personal History of Rachel DuPree (Ann Weisgarber)

Desire, Decadence, & Discipline: Poetry Practice & Themes (Christine Stewart-Nunez)

Plains Political Tradition: A Discussion of SD Political Culture (Jon Lauck, John Miller, & Don Simmons)

Cell Traffic: New & Selected Poetry (Heid Erdrich)

The Work of Wolves: A One Book SD Retrospective (Kent Meyers)

The Violinist’s Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code (Sam Kean)

Before and After: Impact of the Dams on White Swan and Other Communities (Michael Lawson)

Matterhorn (Karl Marlantes)

Lakota Berenstain Bears (SDPB Program Screenings)

Painted Horses and Symbols of the Lakota (S.D. Nelson)

3 to

3:45 pm

From Peace Like a River to So Brave, Young and Handsome: Writing from the Heartland (Leif Enger)

Fobbit: A Novel (David Abrams)

How Historians Work: Retelling the Past-from the Civil War to the Wider World (John C. Waugh)

Literature of the “New” West (Steven Wingate)

At Auschwitz: Doing Research at (and Writing About) a Nazi Concentration Camp (Patrick Hicks)

I Gave My Heart to Know This (Ellen Baker)

North of Twelfth Street: The Changing Face of Sioux Falls Neighborhoods (Tom Dempster)

Ho! For the Black Hills (Paul Hedren)

The eBook Revolution:
Exploring the New

World of Writing & Technology (Marilyn Johnson & Sarah Crichton)

Warp Speed! (Lisa Yee)

Land of the Dragon (Bruce Junek & Tass Thacker)

4 to

4:45 pm

What Makes a South Dakotan? Book Launch Celebration with contributors and editors

Ghost Dances: Proving Up On the Great Plains (Josh Garrett-Davis)

Writing & Selling Your Genre Stories (Ann Charles)

Selections from ghost on 3rd (Jim Reese)

Selected Poems with South Dakota’s Poet Laureate (David Allan Evans)

Broken Landscape: Indians, Indian Tribes & the Constitution (Frank Pommersheim)

Waiting for Coyote’s Call: Seeking Sustainability on the Northern Plains (Jerry Wilson)

Alphabetter Juice: or, The Joy of Text (Roy Blount Jr)

The Mystery of the Maize (Mark Meierhenry & Dave Volk)

The Pigs & Friends (Abe Usera)

5 to

5:45 pm

The Struggle of Life as True Love Prevails (Abe & Pat Usera)

Custer in Dakota (Jeff Barnes)

Finding a Niche For Your Writing (Aimée & David Thurlo)

Double Crossing: An Eastern Greenhorn Writes a Western (Meg Mims)

A Grownup Kind of Writing (Joshilyn Jackson)

A Homestead Holiday (Steve Riedel)

Music and Stories from The Night Train and Papadaddy’s Book for New Fathers (Clyde Edgerton)

Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux: From Fact to Historical Fiction (Lisa Rivero)

Mount Rushmore: One Boy, One Amazing Story (Tina Nichols Coury)